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* Positive BehaviourIst and Trainer  

* Herbal Choices (applied Zoopharmacognosy) * Master Herbalist

* Canine Massage & Acupoint  * Reiki Master  * Public Speaker


Does your dog suffer from anxiety or stress?  Is your dog elderly and has lost it's zest for life, or has mobility, memory or learning issues?  Many behavioural problems can be the result of undiagnosed pain or stress.  Would you know if your dog was in pain or suffering from stress?  They are evolutionarily predisposed to hide pain well.   In my canine consultations, I show you how to  bring wellbeing and balance to your dog's life through offering gentle herbs and oils, massage and calming behaviour techniques based on a dog's innate behaviour and heritige - what a dog actually needs to be a dog.




"Elaine has an amazing understanding of her clients and their relationship with their owners. I cannot recommend or thank her highly enough. The various techniques she has used has helped one of my dog's with anxiety and issues surrounding his behaviour, and another suffering with arthritis."





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Elaine Stavert

My rescue dogs, Toby and Milly

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