Canine Consultations for emotional and physical wellness and relaxations


Does your dog have emotional, physical or behavioural problems?  Ear infections, re-occuring illness, digestion issues, muscular stiffness, anxiety, aggression, fear of noise, or itchy skin?


Many behavioural problems can be a result of undiagnosed pain or stress - would you know if your dog was in pain or suffering from stress?  They are evolutionarily predisposed to hide it well.  


As a Canine Behaviour Therapist, I take time to understand your concerns, and to show you how to identify and change environmental and behavioural triggers of your dog's issues by making simple and positive lifestyle changes.


Working alongside your current veterinary treatments, my canine consultations are supported with appropriate complementary therapies, after veterinary approval, such as Canine Massage and Acu-point (Acupressure) Therapy and Reiki for relaxation and wellbeing.  Behaviour-led self-selection of gentle essential oils and herbs  together with positive training may  help to reduce your dog's stress levels to achieve health, balance and wellness.


From my Canine Behaviour and Relaxation Consultation you will realise how little your dog needs to be happy, calm and relaxed.



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Elaine Stavert

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Elaine Stavert

My rescue dogs, Toby and Milly

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