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Suppliers and Resources

When you have had a session with me, there may be various books or pieces of equpment that I suggest you research and look into using.  Here is a list of some of them to try - click on the name to link to the website


A well fitting dog harness is a vital piece of equipment for dog training and dog behaviour to make your dog feel comfortable, to stop pulling on the lead, and for his physical wellbeing.

Haqihana Harness

Perfect Fit Harness


Haqihana Lead

A 3 meter is the best length of lead for loose lead training.  

Essential Oils and Herbs


My Animal Matters

Rachel sells a great selection of carefully selected herbs, essential oils and hydrosols and also sells selections of starter kits for dogs, cats and horses.


Naturally Animals

Sells all of the herbs  and oils used in my sessions (except my own homemade hydrosols)

Essential oils, hydrosols, powdered herbs (spirulina, barley grass etc), oils (coconut, rice bran, arnica etc)

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