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I come to your home and take time to listen to all of your concerns and gather as much information about your dog and its lifestyle as possible.  The first Canine Consultation takes around 2 hours, follow ups around an hour.


For therapies, I will ask you to complete a the client form in advance, if required, from your vet. If applicable, the session also includes Thermal Imaging photography of your dog.  This is not a diagnosis, but an indication of areas of heat.  This is followed by a Herbal Choices / Applied Zoopharmacognosy session and includes the cost of the herbs and oils plus a supply for you to continue to offer and can include also massage, phototherapy and acupoint therapy if appropriate and agreed before the session.


I will then give you a simple plan of action to follow and usually recommend a follow up within the next few weeks, if appropriate.  Rehabilitation will require work at home, following my plan, a little or a lot depending on the dog and the issue. If there are an potential areas of pain or health issues, I may refer you back to the vet for a pain assessment, blood, thyroid or other tests.  Depending on the issue, and how much work you are able to do at home, sometimes a further session or two is needed, or regular sessions for massage if required.





Consultation + Therapy £75 (2 hours)

Consulation + Therapy Includes: -

Herbs and oils during the session

Selected herbs and Oils for you to use after the session

Merishia Massage / Myofacial release / Acupoint Therapy / Reiki / Red Light Therapy - if appropriate & pre-vet approved



Follow on / top up session (approx 1 hour) £45


Once you have had a consultation with me, you will be able to contact me for free advice inbetween sessions and have maintainance or top up sessions.


Travel charges

FREE within 20 miles

Contact me for sessions further away for availability


I will usually travel to your home / rescue centre for the therapy session.  Some important points to note before the session:-


*  Be prepared to work hard and make changes after sessions

*  Allow allow 3 hours for a session.  

*  The area should be calm with no distractions or interruptions

*  Please switch off your phone during the session

*  Arrange to be with your animal for the rest of the day after the session

*  5 days clear of vaccinations and wormers

*  Inform me of any change in condition or medication

*  Vet approval needed for massage or vet informed of the use of oils & herbs


"I came to see Elaine with my dog Oliver in the hope of helping him to overcome his nervousness and fear of other dogs. I found Elaine to be a highly knowledgeable therapist with a gentle approach and soothing presence. She has always been courteous, kind, and patient and she takes time to understand us both.  Her personal qualities shine through and our rescued traumatized and nervous dog blossomed in her hands! He actually ran to her when we came to see her again after the first session.  Our relationship with Oli has gone from strength to strength and it is such a joy to see him being the dog he was always meant to be.


Thank you Elaine for everything you have done for us. I will never be able to thank you enough."

"Elaine has an amazing understanding of her clients and their relationship with their owners. She really is a dog whisperer and I cannot recommend or thank her highly enough. The various techniques she has used has helped one of my dog's with anxiety and issues surrounding his behaviour and another suffering with arthritis."


"We lost our 15 year old Tibetan Terrier, Teddie, in March. His best friend TT Elvis always looked out for Teddie and took his loss badly. Elvis wouldn't eat properly and spent most of his days upstairs in our bedroom, not even wanting to go for walks, play or interact with us or the rest of his pack. We visited Elaine who was marvellous, she took time to sit with Elvis, make him at ease and worked with him allowing him to choose the oils he wanted. It only took a couple of days and some comfrey oil and you could see him coming back to us. Without Elaine's help and guidance I don't know where we would have turned to get Elvis through his bereavement."


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Special rates for rescues if I am available. Please enquire

Sessions at rescue centres


Sessions at rescue centers and foster homes

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I am no longer taking on new clients as I am now focussing on my human Nutritional Therapy online clinics www.gutfeelings.uk