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Canine Behaviour & Wellness Consultant

After illness and problems with my own dog, I realised that dogs are suffering from stress as many of their humans are.  I wanted to know how and why their emotional, physical and behavioural problems, re-occuring illness, ear infections, stomach problems, itchy skin etc. are related to stress.  So after many years working with herbs with my natural soap and toiletries business, and writing multiple books on natural products, I decided to change direction.


I wanted to understand what my dogs really needed so I trained in many areas, did research, attended seminars, completed courses, read scientific information, studied Canine Genetics, Canine Behaviour, Dog Training, Canine Massage, Myofascial Release, Acu-point Therapy (acupressure), Herbal Choices (Zoopharmacognosy), Neurophysiology, became a Reiki Master and Master Herbalist to understand what makes us, and our dogs, stressed and how to prevent and reduce stress.


In my Canine Behaviour Therapy Consultations, I take a holistic (whole) approach and discuss your dog's complete lifestyle, including stress triggers linked to symptoms.  Many people overdo so many things with their dogs, and I will teach you  your dog how little your dog needs to be a happy and relaxed.


What I have discovered from training in numerous canine therapies is that although most of us dearly love our pets, we do not necessarily understand their basic and primal needs.  I can teach you how to understand your dog's body language and behavioural responses.  Simple things can raise the adraneline such as ball throwing, over-exercise, over-training, poor diet etc, and this adrenaline can stack up and overflow causing stress-related health problems.  Unless you address these stressors, health problems can increase and symptoms persist.  Reducing the stressors and introducing simple calming foraging techniques (see brochure), for instance, can reduce adrenaline and release calming dopamine from the brain.


My own rescue dogs, Toby and Alice are now well on the way to becoming happy, calm and healthy dogs and I hope to be able to do the same for yours.

Qualifications & Courses


Canine Behaviour & Training - IDTE (International Dog Trainer Education) Turid Rugaas

Anatomy and Physiology Diploma - The School of Health

Applied Herbal Choices for Pets (Zoopharmacognosy) - Rose Holistic Therapies

Animal (and Human) Reiki Master - Rose Holistic Therapies and Training

Advanced Master Herbalist Diploma - CEO

Canine Behaviour for Animal Therapists - Rose Holistic Therapies

Canine Emergency First Aid - Dog First Aid

Animal Acu-Point Therapy (Acupressure) - Lucy Yeomans

Canine Merishia Massage - Rose Holistic Therapies and Training

Thermal Imaging and Phototherapy (Photizo red light therapy) - Rose Therapies

Canine Reflexology - Rose Therapies

Indirect Myofascial Release - Dawn McCaig and Jo Rose

Neuropsychology Diploma (Distinction) - COE

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness Diploma (Distinction) - COE



CPD (Continued professional development)

Canine Biology and Genetics - The Institute of Canine Biology

Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in Dogs - IMDTB

Psychopharmacology and Behaviour - IMDTB

Canine Nutrition and Nutrigenomics Course - Dr Jean Dodds

Raw-food Advisor - Nature's Menu

Vibration and Sound Therapy for humans and animals  - Rose Therapies

Hydrosols Production - Cathy Skipper

Animal Communication  - Rose Therapies, Alex Butler

The Natural Dog Conference

Crystal Therapy for Emotional Trauma in Animals -  Rose Therapies, Alex Butler

Learn to live, learn and love your dog - Kachina Canine Communication

Herbal Extracts Production - Avicenna Herbs

Interactive Tellington TTouch - Rose Therapies

Native plant constituents & application to animal health & well-being - Dr Carol Hughes

5 Elements Aromatherapy for Animals -  Rose Therapies by Schechina, Alan Howell


Animal Clinical Nutrition, Herbalonics - Dr Carol Hughes / Jo Rose

Dog Law - Dog SOS

Dr A Batson BVETMED MRCVS (Veterinary Behaviourist) Aggression in Dogs (3 x 2 days)

Treating Generalised Anxiety (GAD) and Panic Attacks - Mind Body Breakthrough

Understanding Depression and Anxiety - The Open University

Canine First Aid



Rose Association of Animal & Human Therapies

The International Association of NLP and Coaching

The International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

The Dog Welfare Alliance

INTO Dogs (member of ABTC)

ISCP Affiliate (International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour)



Author of 5 globally published books on natural products for The Guild of Master Craftsmen - Bath Bombs, Soaps, Candles, Beauty Oils  Butters, Beauty Scrubs and Masks




* For many years I worked on the World's Strongest Man TV Competition, with some of the biggest men in the World.  


* For many years I worked on the Nobel Prizes TV programme, with some of the biggest brains in the World (I also powdered their bald heads for the TV  cameras).


*   I studied silversmithing and one of my pieces was exibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


*  I have a Cordon Bleu Cookery Diploma and worked as a Chalet Girl in the French Alps, and in The City as chef for Director's lunches.


* I once flew a helicopter over Cheddar   Gorge in my first (and last) flying lesson.



Elaine Stavert



Random Facts about Me

Book by Elaine Stavert - Bath Bombs
Book by Elaine Stavert - Candles
Book by Elaine Stavert - Masks & Scrubs
Book by Elaine Stavert - Oils & Butters
Book by Elaine Stavert - Soaps

Please note that I am no longer working with dogs, only human therapies 

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