If you would like to host a talk please get in touch. I have my own projector and sceen, all I need is a plug.  My talks are accompanied by a Keynote presentation with highly visual inspirational images.


Talks can be tailoured to the audience - varying in desired length between 1-4 hours. Subjects that can be covered are :-


The Brain

Stress - what is it?

How lifestyle and environment can affect stress (including slides of my Canine Lifestyle survey of 1800 dogs)

Neurotransmitters and Hormones

Neurophysiology (how the brain interacts with the nervous system)

Neuroplasticity, Stress (signs and triggers),

The Signs of Pain

The brain-gut connection - the vagus nerve and enteric nervous system

The Microbiome

Walking With a Difference

The Importance of the Noise



Therapies that may help, massage/acupoint therapies, Herbal Choices (zoopharmacognosy)

How to create a Canine Sensory Garden

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My next public talk is at Turid Rugaas' Dog Symposium in Oslo, Norway in March 2017

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